Snukr… what?

Snukr is a web & mobile platform that allows you to discover itineraries both added by official organizations and individuals. This way, anybody can suggest his favourite routes and enhance his area!

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To the origins of Snukr

To the origins of Snukr

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Where does this idea come from? How did we get there? 
If the concept of Snukr is innovative, its story isn’t less original!

The idea of a tailored itineraries generator comes from an Smart City initiative, to revolutionize the approach of the cities.

Carried by the Fondation O2, for health and sustainable development promotion, it has been showed a lot of interest for the project since the beginning. This lead to the creation of a startup, Kinitic, based in Delémont Switzerland, to develop the future new application.

Many regions took the opportunity to contribute to this development : we had the support since the beginning of Fribourg Tourisme, Jura Tourisme, Sierre (City and Tourism Office) and the City of Montréal. By offering the possibility to discover the curiosities of a region through soft mobility and to share one’s passions with the community, Snukr is an innovative tool to enhance a territory.

After all, isn’t the locals’ point of view the best way to access to the authenticity?