Snukr… what?

Snukr is a web & mobile platform that allows you to discover itineraries both added by official organizations and individuals. This way, anybody can suggest his favourite routes and enhance his area!

Kinitic : a digitalization & innovation lab

Kinitic : a digitalization & innovation lab

logo-500x500Kinitic is kind of like Snukr’s family name.

It is the startup who lauched Snukr one year ago. It gathers a dozen of employees in our office in Delémont, Switzerland. Kinitic actually share it with other companies from various fields, such as health promotion, energy or support to startups. This coworking space has been named “STELLA” and represent an innnovative approach for the area. It has even received a distinction for “corporate health” !

–> for more info (in French though)

Kinitic define itself as an innovation and digitalization lab and is capable of offering, thank to its multidisciplinary team, the whole chain of service to execute a project in fields such as new technologies, communication, tourism and sustainable development. For more info about our startup, check out our website !

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