Snukr… what?

Snukr is a web & mobile platform that allows you to discover itineraries both added by official organizations and individuals. This way, anybody can suggest his favourite routes and enhance his area!

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#SnukrOnTour : WebSummit 2016, Lisbon

#SnukrOnTour : WebSummit 2016, Lisbon



For every ambitious startup from the tech industry, a selection at the WebSummit is a great opportunity!

Gathering about 53.000 entrepreneurs, investors and digital-addicted from all around the world, this event is the-place-to-be to meet people and to get inspiration by good practices. The #TeamSnukr had the eyes wide open and it was a great occasion for Chloé, Yann and Eve to actively promote the app to the international scene.

Actually Snukr drew a lot of attention because of its innovative and collaborative aspect, and the way it enhances soft mobility and natural environnment.

…By the way, Kinitic has been spotted by many medias during the event, check out what they say about us !

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SNUKR is not only about visiting towns but it is also made for all the explorers out there, wherever they want to go. Thanks to the real-time geolocalisation function, Snukr is by your side along the journey and allows you to directly share all the best plans you have with the community.

Go ahead, capture a nice spot – that old farm or that strange looking tree – everything that is actually worth it, and show us what you spotted.

Here, for the example, the traditionnal Sunday family walk or your favourite trekking by night… you know that could inspire others !

Get us off the beaten paths, open our eyes : nature is full of these incredible points of interest.


#SnukrOnTour : Swiss Web Festival, Lausanne

#SnukrOnTour : Swiss Web Festival, Lausanne


Tuesday, time for a day trip !
The Swiss Web Festival was taking place on this day, so Eve decided to explore the city at the same time before door opening. Not without some preparation before that, there she leaves the metro at the Flon and starts the adventure, eyes wide open and smartphone in the hand. Not the beauty of the facades nor the nice-but-hidden viewpoints remain unknown : Lausanne slowly reveals itself. Discover the result on !

The rest of the day wasn’t actually disappointing. Very inspiring presentations, joyful and open attendees, and an good atmosphere to talk and network. For sure, the venue (the MAD, famous nightclub) has something to do with it !

Where we going ?

Where we going ?

The idea is simple : we give you the tool box and the rest is up to you!

We do know that you don’t want to loose your time once you get there and you don’t want to do the same tour as everyone. You want to be able to choose, compare, control your trip! And for that, you will admit it, other people’s opinion always help. Even better are tips by locals because they know it by heart, the shortest but also prettiest path to reach that little chapel. And actually, they have the time to walk around on the Sunday and to spot awesome things you wouldn’t have known it was there if nobody had told you. And these, we agree, exist even in the smallest lost villages. Plus, it looks good on Instagram.

So, we want to give you the possibility to share your most astonishing discoveries with the SNUKR community and to benefit from those that others have to offer!

You even have the choice : you can download the app (on iPhone only for now) or reach the website!


#SnukrOnTour : Smart City Day 2016, Neuchâtel

#SnukrOnTour : Smart City Day 2016, Neuchâtel


The team SNUKR likes to break the rules. Just like we did yesterday for our presentation at the Smart City Day in Neuchâtel ! This event gathers professionals mainly from Switzerland and France to exchange about the cities and the villages of the future.

To set the tone on that big stage, Chloé showed to the audience our famous promo video « snukr your life ».

A little something to tickle the curiosity !

Update of the app on iOS

Update of the app on iOS



Our expert team is giving everything to make your snukring experience as enjoyable as possible, and sometimes, it results in a notification of your App Store.

Here is what you win this time :

    • Crashes & bugs correction ;
    • Search a route in any city in the “Exploration” section;
    • Search a route without having to select a tag;
    • Show authorization access only if necessary;
    • Set default language to English;
    • Automatic connection.

For Android users, you’ll have to show a bit of patience, but it will soon be released !